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This beautiful wooden bowl is made from mahogany. It is made from one 3/4 inch thick piece of wood. Concentric beveled rings were cut out of this piece and stacked to achieve the height shown. You will note from the pciture that there are four layers. This produces a real nice effect and makes the piece unique. The bowl was sanded and several coats of high quality semi gloss finish was applied, making the final finish almost reflective.
The pictures shown are all of the same bowl, just taken under different light conditions. Mahogany can appear from dark brown, with maybe a hint of red to almost golden, depending on the light.
Use this bowl on a desk at work or an end table at home. Fill it with candy or other treats, or fill it with whatever you like. Fill it with small ornaments at Christmas time.
Dimensions of the bowl at approximately 4-1/2″ diameter at the base, 6-3/8″ diameter at the top, and 3″ tall.


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