About Woodcrafts by Dan

We are a small home-based business that specializes in crafts and art made from wood, primarily using the scroll saw. All pieces on this site are hand made.

About payment options. Currently our only payment option is by check and the payment information is dispalyed on the checkout page. We realize that this is an antiquated payment method, but it also carries less risk for you, and for us. At some point in the future we may allow credit card or PayPal processing. If you wish to use a credit card or PayPal, you can send an email to us at woodcrafts.com@charter.net and tell us what item you wish to purchase. We will then list it on our sister store on Etsy, which can be accessed by visiting coolwoodcrafts.com . Give us a day or two, but once your item is listed you can use payment options available on our Etsy store.

If you pay by check, your item will ship once your check has cleared. We will keep you posted as soon as this happens.

Thank you for visiting our site and trusting us with your business. We will do everything reasonably possible to meet or exceed your expectations.